BERIC_webTrying to do more digital painting. Just a little take on LORD BERIC DONDARRION. He’s a little bit of what he’s described as in the book and a little bit of what I’ve seen from the clips for season three of A GAME OF THRONES. The idea of a flaming sword fight gets me all kinds of excited for this season.


RED_VIPER_PRINT_web2The one page Red Viper vs The Mountain comic is probably the piece I get messaged about the most. It’s listed as page 1 of 3 and folks understandably want to know when the next 2 are going to be posted. After some thought I’ve decided to start over and make it 6 pages as the scene is pretty long and there are moments I don’t want to miss. My goal is to get there by the spring of 2013 if the gods be good.

In the meantime I’ve done this teaser/promo as a sort of a fundraiser. I’ve got prints (8.5″x17″) ¬†for sale through my ETSY shop. My hope is to sell a few of these so I can tank a few freelance jobs and focus on this short and get it posted for the ASOIAF community over at reddit.

Big thanks to all the folks who dropped me a line and let me know they wanted to see more!