Some of you may have seen this when I posted it last year as a monochromatic piece. I’ve since redrawn about a third of it and fully colored it in honor of this scene’s depiction in tonight’s episode of GAME OF THRONES. VERY EXCITED to see what they’ve done with my favorite scene.RV_spoiler_redux_web

RV_01_redux_web RV_02_redux_web RV_03_redux_web RV_04_redux_web RV_05_redux_web RV_06_redux_web RV_07_redux_web RV_08_redux_web RV_09_redux_web RV_10_redux_web RV_11_redux_web RV_12_redux_web

RED VIPER VS. THE MOUNTAIN Technicolor redux coming June 1st


Last year I had done a 12 page adaptation of The Mountain vs The Red Viper. I had a lot of fun doing it but after looking it over for a year there are some things I’d like to change. I’ve decided to fix a few of those panels and to fully color the comic for posting after we see the episode of A GAME OF THRONES that depicts the duel. I believe that’s June 1st. I hope you’ll drop by and check it out!