THE TOWER OF JOY: An Adaptation

 I was one of those guys. Never heard of A Song of Ice and Fire prior to watching season one of A Game of Thrones. I watched season one half a hundred times and decided that season two needed to start immediately. I bought the nice four book set and proceeded to crack open A Clash of Kings and burn all the way through to A Dance With Dragons in a few short months.

Only then did I go back and read A Game of Thrones.  I missed a bunch of great little scenes. None greater than the Tower of Joy. It’s a beautiful little scene that I think is Just about a page and a half and yet it is probably one of the most talked about scenes in the series. I loved it from my first read through and just couldn’t help but turn it into a short little comic like I’m wont to do.

I’ve done a little math and if I started at the beginning of the series and took four pages to adapt every page and a half of text it would takes me 22 years to work up to The Winds of Winter.

46 thoughts on “THE TOWER OF JOY: An Adaptation

  1. this is some great stuff. Any ASOIAF fan would love this. The show fans may be confused, Arthur Dayne doesn’t seem to get as much of a badass reputation in the show as in the books.

    I would like to see your interpretation of Howland Reed. Not much to go off of text wise…

  2. Nice artwork here, Jeff, lovely brush drawn lines.

    You obviously enjoy doing this kind of work (pleasure).

    I’m not into comic book stuff, but have focused more on the cartoon world (see my blog for the varieties)

  3. You said “it would takes me 22 years to work up to The Winds of Winter.”, but bear in mind it took George 15 years to write the series so far, so it’s not that bad! 😉

  4. you are really good. but i would like to know how that fight went down. Out of ten people only Ned and Reed survive i would love to know who kill who and how the three Knights die. they surely went down fighting hard because they took five down with them

  5. This would be a great project for something like kickstarter I’m sure there are enough people out there that are in to this. I’d put a hundred in the pot right off the bat. maybe an easy way to get some part time work on your hobby that will allow you to make a few extra ends.

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  8. Ned’s dream has is not truth as it happened as there are major flaws in it. One has to ask what is he actually dreaming about here. This dream is weighing upon him, even weakening him and are a weight upon his very soul. Why? Well it’s all there in the dream for those who can put the puzzle pieces together. If the reader unravels such the story of A Song Of Ice And Fire becomes far more interesting. In my opinion the dream sequence is Martin at his best as it sets up all seven books, and such will stand the test of time when what actually happened is literally revealed (for those who didn’t figure out Martin’s puzzle here).

  9. There’s actually a Game of Thrones comic out now. After 19 issues I think it’s only at Tyrion getting Shaga and co. to Tywin. It’s okay, but I like your style a lot better, amazing job!

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