FUBAR: Summer Special

Very excited about FUBAR’s first single issue. We’ve published a few graphic novels which I love but I’ve always wanted to have at least one standard comic issue of FUBAR. To follow up on the success of our Free Comic Book Day Campaign, FUBAR Central Command dreamed up Summer Special!

Art by Leonardo Pietro

We conceived of this as a one shot that would feature 3 brand new FUBAR WW II stories and would also contain a short from out upcoming third volume, FUBAR: AMERICAN HISTORY Z. What makes this book even ,ore exciting for me is that we got industry vets CHUCK DIXON and TIM TRUMAN to both pen shorts for this.  Fellow FUBAR Central Commanders Steve Becker and Jeff McClelland both worked on Summer Special.

A page from BOOTS. Art by Steve Becker and Jeff McComsey

Steve and  I handled art for Chuck Dixon’s short entitled: BOOTS. A kick ass little tale of the D-Day invasion. The script was a pleasure to illustrate. This book will be available in Comic shops on August 31st, so keep your eyes peeled.

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