ROUGHS!! Process blog 2 of 4

The second stage of my process involves taking those small thumbnails and enlarging them to 11×17 and quickly inking them. At this stage I’m more concerned with the actual drawing, because I focused on design in the first stage I can fly through thses and just flesh out faces and backgrounds a bit. Traditionally people use pencils in this stage but I prefer a flair pen. Helps keep me loose with pens. Since I’m inking these in the next stage, this level of detail is fine, but if I were handing these off to an Inker, I would tighten them up a bit.

  The pic above is of 12 roughs for Ms. Jennie Wood’s and my project FLUTTER pages 45-56 and the 7 thumbs for a short I’m working on with Mr. Shawn Aldridge for the 215 ink Anthology due out in early 2012.

Tune in next time when I turn these roughs into INKS!


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