THUMBNAILS! Process blog 1 0f 4

The first stage of my process involves unreadable doodles in the margins of the script that I’m working on. The next stage for me is to turn those doodles into a thumbnail that’s a bit wider than a business card, which is what you see above. Here my main concern is the design of the page and panels. I try and make them as tight as I can for their size as it saves MANY headaches down the road.

I love drawing thumbnails. I sit down with my script and turn out a full story in a day or two. After that I enlarge them to an 11×17 and embellish as best I can before they get thrown on the light box and inked.  The pic above is of 12 thumbnails for Ms. Jennie Wood’s and my project FLUTTER pages 45-56 and the 7 thumbs for a short I’m working on with Mr. Shawn Aldridge for the 215 ink Anthology due out in early 2012.

That last one on there is some medieval rough neck I got a few plans for.

Tune in next time when I turn these thumbs into ROUGHS!


3 thoughts on “THUMBNAILS! Process blog 1 0f 4

  1. Love yer art fantastic ideas too! I have a couple of questions…hope u don’t mind me asking.

    Before u start scribbling do u have reference that refer to at all when drawing? Is your art created with pen & ink not digital?

    Inspiring work! Thanks!

    • I try and limit the reference I use but I do use it on cars and animals and a few other tricky things. I work with pen and ink on paper. I do some minor work with photoshop afterwards but it’s mostly traditional.

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