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February 18, 2013

Clearing out a few major projects so my mind drifts back to THE RED VIPER and THE MOUNTAIN fight scene I’ll be doing over the next few weeks for /r/ASOIF. I’ve decided to start over from scratch rather than build on this first page I did year or so ago. This short will more than likely be 6-8 pages. These are character sketches for  The Red Viper and The Mountain. I’m liking where these are going. rv


January 11, 2013

WS2ws1FUBAR Winter Special is due out in shops the last Wednesday of January. The first story in this issue is written by War book vet CHUCK DIXON and illustrated by me. It’s beyond cool to work with Chuck on a war book. I have fond memories of reading his PUNISHER WARZONE and  TEAM 7 books as a lad. This will be the second time Chuck has contributed to FUBAR and hopefully not the last. This short takes place in Stalingrad. Love drawing Eastern Front stuff!

The Tick!

January 7, 2013

tick_WPExcited that I got to draw one of my favorite comic characters for use in THE TICK Free Comic Book Day issue from New England Comics.

I’m told this will be used for the header at the top of a letter to the editors type page . The image used will just be the Tick cannonballing but I mocked up this wallpaper for my own desktop and figured one or two of you might enjoy it also. The above image should be large enough for direct download and use as a wallpaper.


January 5, 2013

RED_VIPER_PRINT_web2The one page Red Viper vs The Mountain comic is probably the piece I get messaged about the most. It’s listed as page 1 of 3 and folks understandably want to know when the next 2 are going to be posted. After some thought I’ve decided to start over and make it 6 pages as the scene is pretty long and there are moments I don’t want to miss. My goal is to get there by the spring of 2013 if the gods be good.

In the meantime I’ve done this teaser/promo as a sort of a fundraiser. I’ve got prints (8.5″x17″)  for sale through my ETSY shop. My hope is to sell a few of these so I can tank a few freelance jobs and focus on this short and get it posted for the ASOIAF community over at reddit.

Big thanks to all the folks who dropped me a line and let me know they wanted to see more!

RESERVOIR DOGS: 6 Panel Cinema

December 4, 2012

resevoir_dogs_lowI’ve loved this movie since I first saw it on VHS. It possesses a certain kind of cool that is often imitated and never bested. On top of that it’s got the added benefit of doing a lot with a little. I put this six panel cinema together  in honor of Reservoir Dogs landing in theaters again tonight for the first time in 20 years!

If interested I do have prints available here!


November 12, 2012

ImageLoved this show from the jump. Great sets, costuming and that music!!

Loved Jimmy and Richard’s first encounter in season 1. 

FUBAR: American History Z Kickstarter.

October 2, 2012

Finishing up some graphics for the Kickstarter campaign coming up for our newest volume of FUBAR. I did these historical zombies with the Cintiq. I think I’m starting to get the hang of digital inking/cartooning. Very excited for this volume. It’s going to be a monster.


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